Countertop Resurfacing

Calgary Countertops uses a durable liquid overlay that transforms any countertop, even if damaged! Our product is easier than granite, more beautiful than laminate. Save your money and time for what matters most while revitalizing your home with ease. The secret is decorastone, our liquid resurfacing system that coats any surface and cures instantly.

Revitalize Boring & Broken Countertops

Whether you’re tired of the seams or just the color, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to the update you need. Even if your kitchen countertops are burnt, broken, or chipped we can quickly transform your kitchen with decorastone. By using the old surface instead of replacing it entirely you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Our instant-curing decorastone takes just one easy day!

Better Return on Investment

Many homeowners “invest” in granite or quartz, but the process is so expensive that most people are never rewarded for their efforts. decorastone offers a quick and simple alternative that looks modern and improves your home’s value at a fraction of the cost. Granite, on the other hand, won’t always increase your home’s value beyond the cost of installation so it’s not a true investment.

Installed in One Easy Day

Your kitchen is a vital part of your home and your life, so weeks of renovations can really put you on hold. However we can update your countertops in just one day. We simply fix any problems, cracks, or chips in your current countertops and revitalize them instantly with decorastone.

Low-Maintenance, No Hassle

Taking care of your new countertop is easy! You treat it like laminate so there’s no yearly sealing required. Our customers enjoy an average life of 10 long years and if someone ever accidentally damages your countertops, we can easily repair them with a quick spot-treatment or a new clearcoat. Constantly sealing granite can become a burden but decorastone is easy to maintain!

Environmentally Friendly

Other countertop options add to our landfills and damage our environment because they toss out your old countertop, use harsh chemicals, and leave behind unwanted pieces of granite or laminate. decorastone has low VOCs and is completely free of harmful solvents.

A Seamless Transition, A Seamless Countertop

You don’t have to worry about joints, seams, or tiles. With decorastone, the color is continuous around corners, and since it’s applied as a liquid it’s seamless. decorastone gives the illusion of a solid, granite-like surface!

Durable & Repairable

Timeless beauty can be yours. decorastone is heat resistant up to 300°F, and very stain and scratch-resistant! But if anything ever happens to your timeless beauty a repair is almost always possible. Repairing laminate is never possible and repairing granite requires expensive polishing. With decorastone it’s usually a quick and simple fix

Keep Your Old Backsplash

When removing your old countertop you risk breaking your backsplash tiles. decorastone can be applied safely and we guarantee that no tiles will be broken in the process. You get to save money without having to needlessly replace your backsplash. If you’re ready to update your old backsplash, we can do that too! Using the same process that we use for countertops we can transform your outdated tiles with a variety of great color options. Getting an entirely new look has never been easier!

100% Money-Back Guarantee and a 5-Year Warranty

If you are unsatisfied with your new countertops for any reason, simply replace your resurfaced item and notify us within 90 days of installation and we’ll issue a full refund. We know you’re going to love your home’s transformation, so we’re taking on all the risk. Plus decorastone comes with a 5-year warranty. You have nothing to lose!