In-Home Quotation

In-home quotations are required for all countertop and kitchen tile resurfacing projects as the size and condition can vary from customer to customer. It is also necessary for customers to view our color selection in the exact room/light that they will be installed. For these reasons we offer customers free, no obligation in-home quotations. To book online, please visit our online appointment page or give us a call. In the event you need a quotation faster, please use our online quotation form.

Your time is valuable. That’s why we pick an exact time for our quotations – you don’t have to wait the entire day. All we ask is that you’re available 20 minutes before and after your appointment time in the event we are slightly early or delayed. We reach over 95% of our appointments within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Our time is valuable. We also ask that you honor your appointment time and be prepared to choose the colors should you decide to utilize our services.

We look forward to hearing from you and winning your business!


The following prices are to be used as a guide only as the size, condition, repairs, etc. vary from customer to customer.
Bathtubs $475
Bathtub & Tile (to shower rod) $950
Bathtub & Tile (to ceiling) $1050
Countertops (average only, quote required) $950
Kitchen Tile (average only, quote required) $750
Cultured Marble Sink (single) $375
Cultured Marble Sink (double) $500
Reapply caulking $ 25

Minor repairs included; major repairs, gst, extra.